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Puppy Love Shack

It's all about the puppy love.

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We're here to spread the puppy ♥.

what you can do ::
1. Fanfic is yay. Just please place all fics under an LJ-cut and be sure to include a rating and any applicable warnings. Having a beta never hurts either; ask me if you need one. ^_^
2. Fanart is also yay. Again, please place under LJ-cut and include any applicable warnings.
3. Found something that reminds you of the pups? (A song, a poem, pictures of a huge black dog that randomly meandered into your yard? XD) Share it with us!
4. Had an insight on the ship? Looking for a particular fic rec? Just want to have a discussion? You're welcome to it.

what you can't do ::
1. Please, no disrepect. There's no need for flaming; if you don't like the pairing then why are you here? There shouldn't be any disrepect between members either - we're all fellow puppyshippers here, aren't we?
2. Getting off topic. 100% Puppies, all the time. XD Certainly they're entertaining enough that you wouldn't have to find other things to post about here!
3. Not love the pups. Isn't that impossible anyway? XD